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Meanwhile ISO 20000 implementation process and project management uniform fashion within large organizations and between organizations is booming. 
Indeed, they call today the leaders in charge to effectively organize projects. They are required to ensure results. And it is also their responsibility to increase their own capacity to manage and to use external resources to establish "best practices" and common and specific knowledge in their own organization.

To introduce management techniques (new or not) in a company it is necessary to have confidence in the method, and the recommendations in the team that sends the message.Therefore management, training and consulting are based on a relationship of trust.

In many areas, particularly in the IT sector, it was established ways to implement "best practices" to use. or not they are used and have advantages when applied.

Changes and improvements are based on existing in the company. It is very important to start this program based on the history and culture of the company. The changes will be even better accepted and qualities can be reused.

Learning World is supported by a recognized partner, HP, and able to offer training benefits, certifications but also the provision of consultant to assist in the implementation of "best Practises" in organizations. 
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