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Training Services


To help you optimize your time and resources you spend on training we offer the prerequisite tests.

These tests can be applied to schedule courses, but we also offer this service on specific courses.

We also offer post-training tests, on official Cisco course certifications tests are available for customized training we can also develop post-training questionnaires, so the sole purpose is to enable the learner to validate the knowledge that it can not not be at the end of the training.

To use this service, you download the questionnaire, you answer and send the completed questionnaire to support@learningworld.biz for editing and review of the course to follow.

The prerequisites of tests that we offer are available only to die early, because from experience the die end of trainees have a very clear idea of ​​their actual knowledge, which is often not the case for beginners trainees Cisco world.


Test your knowledge on various topics.


In the standard Cisco acquired during part of the validation tests are Cisco test that can be passed in PEARSON VUE center.

In the case of specific courses, specific tests are developed in this project


Contact us directly for any requests, tips and questions. Our team will respond within a period of 24 hours.

Simply send us an email at the following address: elearning@learningworld.biz 
Thank you to send us your details so we can contact you quickly.

analysis of TRAINING needs

For a given objective by the company, organization or individual, Learneo is able, through a written questionnaire and then one or more oral interviews to analyze and determine a course of training.

According to numerous criteria:

  • The number of employees to form
  • The objective (manufacturer certification, professional achievement, business goals)
  • The starting level (test through prerequisite tests and interviews)
  • Time constraints and planning that results
  • place constraints
  • business continuity constraints
  • Budget constraints

Since the creation of Learneo, we manage, for example, on a fashion project certification of several Cisco partners, Gold or Silver. We are pleased to put at your service our experience on this analysis of need and adequacy of our solutions to the specific needs of organizations.

For any request for a needs analysis training please send an email to coaching@learningworld.biz putting Need in the subject and your contact details so we can contact you.


Learneo offers based on your geographic or time constraints the ability to teach courses on the model of virtual classrooms. All our courses catalog are eligible for a theoretical presentation by synchronous virtual classroom format.

The course is recorded at a first session and students can replay the session that was recorded at the time of their convenience.

This virtual classroom system based on Centra technology is also available to offer as part of a project, a support after school for students who have attended classes or support to laboratories performed remotely exercises .

For inquiries about the virtual classroom thank you to send an email to virtuel@learningworld.biz


Learneo, through his experience of major projects of technical training, is able to offer you composite training programs combining classroom courses, remote modules, access to remote labs and animated support sessions through an interactive platform based Centra technology.

To request a composite project, thank you to write to projet@learningworld.biz